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IT.NET Franchisee Model 
Branches of Information Technology viz. Software Development, Web Application Development, E-Commerce, Hardware and Networking are growing at a very fast pace, and creating business and career opportunities for both individuals and companies accross the country.
Keeping with the times, IT.Net invites all eligible organizations and individuals to enter into a relationship with IT.NET CENTRE for an exciting and lifetime business relations by entering into a franchise agreement for running a demanding and profitable education center at their desired location anywhere around the country.




Partnering with IT.Net provides you with the following benefits –  

• Your association with the leading IT Education brand name. 
• To be a family member of a large network of country wide centers. 
• Detailed operations manuals and processes. 
• Management Support, Faculty Recruitment Support, Sales Training and Marketing Support 
• A good quality, latest and updated curriculum. 
• Training methodology which is highly professional, job-oriented and matching industry standards
• Privision of Course and Promotional Material 
• Class Room Training Guides
• Online entrance exam result declaration.
• Online availability of studets information.
• Online presence is growing up for various day to day processes which will remove the manual activities for our fast and efficient operations.

Terms & Conditions
  1. The person applying for the franchise should be academically and financially sound.
  2. Minimum covered space required to launce a centre should be 1500-2000 sq. ft.
  3. The franchisee will have to develop the required infrastructure, which includes minimum 4 class room with at least 25 students capacity.
  4. Sharing Ratio between Franchisee and IT.Net Computer Academy would be 80:20 for all the courses except for Test Series & Test Discussion courses, where it would be 60:40.
  5. Advertising & promotional activity cost at the local level would be borne by the franchisee. However, before any advertisement is released, the material being published has to be developed or approved by the maintain synergy.
  6. The prospectus, study material, assignments, receipt books, admission forms, shall be supplied by the franchiser. The cost of prospectus shall be charged from the franchisee.
  7. All admissions, commitment, charging of fees for conducting the classes & satisfying the students shall be total responsibility of franchisee. If the franchisee fails to satisfy the students & closes the centre in mid session after collection of fee, the franchiser shall not be responsible for any such act or any lapse of franchisee.
  8. The franchisee has to appoint inspiring teachers to be concerned focused to achieve the desired goal to produce quality educational norms & values & should maintain the standards set by the franchiser. The franchiser does not make any commitment of providing the teachers/faculty to the franchisee. However, franchiser will try to extend its full cooperation in regard to training of teachers. The training shall be imparted in Agra.
  9. Big sign board/neon board of "IT.Net" should be displayed on the top of the Franchisee Centre.
  10. The franchisee will organize Test regularly & their result should be mailed monthly to the parents.
  11. The franchiser can depute any person to look into the account books, receipts at franchisee premises. The franchiser can audit the franchisee accounts.
  12. The franchiser will have the right to take the feedback of the students in the classroom in the prescribed format.
  13. The franchiser may induct internal audit if the need arises at the cost & expense of the Institute.
  14. In case of any violation of terms & conditions by the franchisee, the franchiser shall be free to cancel the agreement & take back its name and refrain the franchisee from using it thereafter.
  15. Initially the agreement will be for 3 years & can be renewed further with mutual consent.
  16. That the Franchisee is an independent Center and only the name and style of the franchiser has been given to the Franchisee by the franchiser, hence all liabilities for the payment to teachers, administrative personnel, compensation package to teachers shall be the liability of the Franchisee alone.
  17. Franchisee shall open bank account of his center only in any bank as "IT.Net Franchisee". He cannot open his center's account in more than one bank without prior written permission from the franchiser.
  18. All disputes are subjected to Agra Jurisdiction only.

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